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The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX New Year Special Offer

IYONIX New Year Special Offer

Posted by John Hoare on 16:31, 7/1/2003 | , , ,
We don't normally run things that basically amount to advertisements here at TIB, but as it's the IYONIX we thought you might be interested - besides, one of the criticisms when the IYONIX was launched was that it would have been nice to have one avaliable with a lower specification at a lower price.

Castle have announced a reduced price IYONIX with a slightly lower spec. The three models now avaliable are:

  • IYONIX pc (128MB) (Special offer), 40GB HDD; 128MB DDR RAM; 52x CD ROM, £1249
  • IYONIX pc (128MB), 80GB HDD; 128MB DDR RAM; CDRW, £1299
  • IYONIX pc (512MB), 80GB HDD; 512MB DDR RAM; CDRW, £1399

    You also get a free USB to Parallel printer cable worth £25 with the special offer IYONIX. All prices include VAT, but delivery is £20 extra. The special offer ends on 28th February 2003, and both standard models of the Iyonix are avaliable "while stocks last".

    The question is, for the sake of £50, is the decrease in specification worth it?

    Source: Castle Technology Ltd

  •   IYONIX New Year Special Offer
      fwibbler (16:47 7/1/2003)
      andypoole (17:10 7/1/2003)
        pnaulls (17:49 7/1/2003)
          moss (17:54 7/1/2003)
            john (09:31 8/1/2003)
              rich (09:17 9/1/2003)
                Horse (16:23 10/1/2003)
    fwibbler Message #91586, posted by fwibbler at 16:47, 7/1/2003

    Posts: 320
    Well done Moss, You've beaten Drobe to it!
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Andrew Poole Message #91587, posted by andypoole at 17:10, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91586
    Mouse enthusiast

    Posts: 5558
    TIB wins again :p
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Peter Naulls Message #91588, posted by pnaulls at 17:49, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91587
    Posts: 317
    Yeah, keep that up, and IyonixBar.com will have nearly 10% of the content drobe does ;-)
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    John Hoare Message #91589, posted by moss at 17:54, 7/1/2003, in reply to message #91588

    Posts: 9348
    I love you all.
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    John D Message #91590, posted by john at 09:31, 8/1/2003, in reply to message #91589
    Posts: 261
    I'm sure that offer was up there a week or two ago
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Richard Goodwin Message #91591, posted by rich at 09:17, 9/1/2003, in reply to message #91590
    Dictator for life
    Posts: 6821
    No, that was the pre-New Year offer. They just look similar ;)
      ^[ Log in to reply ]
    Horse Message #91592, posted at 16:23, 10/1/2003, in reply to message #91591
    Unregistered user I suppose they have to shift that excess stock of 40GB drives somehow, bundling them with something as useless as a 52x CD ROM drive (when compared to a 40-48x CD-RW drive), too.
      ^[ Log in to reply ]

    The Icon Bar: News and features: IYONIX New Year Special Offer