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The Icon Bar: News and features: News from CJE and The Fourth Dimension

News from CJE and The Fourth Dimension

Posted by Andrew Poole on 16:09, 8/5/2003 | , , ,
CJE have let us know what's in stock^H^Hre for punters at the Wakefield show this weekend by sending us lots of emails.

Any old boxes?
CJE are looking for anyone with spare cardboard boxes they no longer require, and don't mind taking to the Wakefield Show to be recycled. In particular they are looking for boxes of the following types, preferably with most or all of the internal packaging:

  • RiscPCs one or two slice
  • A7000/+
  • 14",15",17" & 21" monitors any make/model
Lexmark E322 Laser Printer
Available from the CJE stand on Saturday will be a limited number of Lexmark E322 Laser Printers. More details of these can be found in their announcement.

LG L1710B 17" LCD monitor
Also available on Saturday will be some LG 17" monitors for £495. These dual input monitors have a resolution of 1280x1024. Again, further details can be found in their announcement.

Impact goes 32 bit
The Fourth Dimension have told us that the Circle Software product Impact 3 has been updated and is now fully 32 bit compatible. Impact 3, a relational database, continues to be supported by The Fourth Dimension, and a mailing list has been set up. To celebrate the release of the updated version, Impact 3 is currently available at the special reduced price of £75 including UK postage rather than the normal price of £96.

And finally...
If you are going to the Wakefield show this Saturday, don't forget to take a look at our preview which has been put together with the help of some of the companies involved and contains a quick peek at what to expect there and what not to miss.

  News from CJE and The Fourth Dimension
  (16:20 8/5/2003)
  andypoole (16:23 8/5/2003)
    flibbleSHAME (16:26 8/5/2003)
      CaptainObvious (18:05 18/6/2003)
flibble Message #92149, posted at 16:20, 8/5/2003
Unregistered user I do hope CJE are offering money for peoples spare machines, else to be honest I'd rather see them end on the charity stand making some money for WACG's favourite charites.
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Andrew Poole Message #92150, posted by andypoole at 16:23, 8/5/2003, in reply to message #92149
Mouse enthusiast

Posts: 5558
tsk! Cardboard boxes.
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flibbleSHAME Message #92151, posted at 16:26, 8/5/2003, in reply to message #92150
Unregistered user gack me so not read, apologies to the CJE peeps
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CaptainObvious Message #92152, posted at 18:05, 18/6/2003, in reply to message #92151
Unregistered user yeah - but we all know he only wants the empty boxes to increase the resale value of unboxed second hand machines.

so do us a favour - donate the cardboard boxed to the charity stand too to bring ini more cash for a more deserving cause

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The Icon Bar: News and features: News from CJE and The Fourth Dimension