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The Icon Bar: News and features: Teletext+ on the Iyonix PC

Teletext+ on the Iyonix PC

Posted by fwibbler on 14:10, 2/7/2003 | ,
Octopus Systems have announced their teletext viewer 'Teletext+' is now available ready to run on the Iyonix PC.

Teletext+ will allow you to use the teletext podules and adapters from the following companies without requiring hardware modifications or other upgrades;-

  • Computer Concepts
  • Design IT
  • Ground Control
  • Irlam
  • Morley
  • Solidisk
  • Wild Vision
  • Yellowstone
  • and of course, Octopus Systems.

260k gif file

Teletext+ is available from Octopus Systems for £44 including a 50 page printed manual. Upgrades for existing users are available for £15 by returning their master disc or by Email if the original serial number is quoted.
  Teletext+ on the Iyonix PC
  danielbarron (23:18 2/7/2003)
  ksattic (05:58 3/7/2003)
    tribbles (13:56 3/7/2003)
Daniel Barron Message #92359, posted by danielbarron at 23:18, 2/7/2003
Posts: 19
Hmmmm. That screenshot is clearly faked. Unless they had an Iyonix 10 Jul 2002! The teletext time and computer time don't even match.


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Simon Wilson Message #92360, posted by ksattic at 05:58, 3/7/2003, in reply to message #92359
Finally, an avatar!

Posts: 1291
Well, the teletext page being displayed is not from any broadcast channel. It's probably a page loaded from disc.

Failing that, the page could simply come from the future. ;o)

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Jason Tribbeck Message #92361, posted by tribbles at 13:56, 3/7/2003, in reply to message #92360
Captain Helix

Posts: 929
Considering that the teletext page is one advertising their product, it's almost certainly a disc-based image.

It would've been more impressive if there was a screenshot of an actual news page.

(and there doesn't appear to be other screenshots on their web site, but I could be mistaken)

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The Icon Bar: News and features: Teletext+ on the Iyonix PC