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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Iyonix experience

The Iyonix experience

Posted by Phil Mellor on 12:17, 10/1/2004 | , , , , , , ,
Review. A year has passed since the Iyonix was released, but has Castle's baby learnt to walk or are they still changing its nappies? One year on, we look at the current state of the Iyonix, and evaluate the customer experience. With an increasing number of competitive products - the A6 and RiscCube on the desktop, the portable Alpha, RiscStations and RiscBook, and the quietly strengthening Omega - it's not just the hardware and operating system that can win a sale, the PR and customer relations are important as well.

This is the first in a three part review - later episodes will look at the bundled software, compatibility issues, and support.

Iyonix review - part one

  The Iyonix experience
  ad (12:38 10/1/2004)
  andrew (14:20 10/1/2004)
    SparkY (14:29 10/1/2004)
      fwibbler (14:44 10/1/2004)
        martin (15:11 10/1/2004)
          moss (20:30 10/1/2004)
            epistaxsis (02:04 11/1/2004)
              markee (09:47 11/1/2004)
                monkeyson2 (10:43 11/1/2004)
                  Daniel Jones (10:30 12/1/2004)
Andrew Duffell Message #92706, posted by ad at 12:38, 10/1/2004

Posts: 3261
Nice review :) Pity I can't afford one :(
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Andrew Message #92707, posted by andrew at 14:20, 10/1/2004, in reply to message #92706
HandbagHandbag Boi
Posts: 3439
I know the feeling. Still, I didn't get a RiscPC till 5 years after it was released and it's still managing fine.
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Gavin Smith Message #92708, posted by SparkY at 14:29, 10/1/2004, in reply to message #92707
Danger! Danger! High Voltage!
Posts: 696
Really nice article, great pics too. Only makes me want an Iyonix even more...
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fwibbler Message #92709, posted by fwibbler at 14:44, 10/1/2004, in reply to message #92708

Posts: 320
Nice article.
Looking forward to the next part.
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martin hansen Message #92710, posted by martin at 15:11, 10/1/2004, in reply to message #92709
Posts: 17
Ace article - I really enjoyed reading this - lots of depth without being tedious.
And, importantly, an excellent piece to have available on-line for anyone new and curious about Castle's flagship machine.
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John Hoare Message #92711, posted by moss at 20:30, 10/1/2004, in reply to message #92710

Posts: 9348
I should be getting one soon, and this review just makes me want one even more...
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keith dunlop Message #92712, posted by epistaxsis at 02:04, 11/1/2004, in reply to message #92711

Posts: 159
nice review

my wife (who bought my iyonix!) was very impressed with the welcome guide - "If only windows came with something like this"

I don't miss select features as I refused to line w**nker middleton's pockets further that RO4.02

fcukin lovely 'puter :-)

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markee Message #92713, posted at 09:47, 11/1/2004, in reply to message #92712
Unregistered user When is part 2/3 going to appear (hushed expectation)
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Phil Mellor Message #92714, posted by monkeyson2 at 10:43, 11/1/2004, in reply to message #92713
monkeyson2Please don't let them make me be a monkey butler

Posts: 12380
Thanks for the kind words, folks.

*scribbles furiously*

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Daniel Jones Message #92715, posted at 10:30, 12/1/2004, in reply to message #92714
Unregistered user in reply to epistaxsis:

Windows is an Operating system, not a compute.
I know the welcome guide contains the basics of RISC OS, but comparing an operating system (software) to a computer (hardware) is not a very good comparison.


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The Icon Bar: News and features: The Iyonix experience