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The Icon Bar: News and features: You wait ages for ONE browser update for your Raspberry Pi..

You wait ages for ONE browser update for your Raspberry Pi...

Posted by Mark Stephens on 20:02, 4/9/2014 |
In my personal computer usage, the web browser has always been the weak link on RISC OS so it is really nice to see an update to Netsurf appearing with NetSurf 3.2 being released at the end of August. It looks like essentially a bug-fix and code tidy release, with some incremental improvements to support for CSS handling, but always welcome features. You can get the RISC OS release from here

One of the really cool features of the Rasperberry Pi is the ability to run the NOOBS software which allows you to install several different Operating Systems. With multiple SD cards ,swtiching between Linux and RISC OS is as easy as rebooting with a different card. Raspbian works well but its bowsers have been slightly disappointing (there is lots of choice with NetSurf, IceFox, experimental builds of Chrome but I have found them all either under-powered or sluggish).

So it is really great to see the release of Epiphany ( a new browser heavily optimised for the Raspberry Pi ). This is easily installed on your existing Linux SD card. You can read the official announcement here. It is especially interesting to note the heavy involvement of Ben Avison (one of the key memebers of RISC OS Open) in the development.

Happy browsing on your Pi...
  You wait ages for ONE browser update for your Raspberry Pi..
  castlevarich (12:38 12/9/2014)
  tlsa (20:58 12/9/2014)
    castlevarich (12:48 16/9/2014)
      nunfetishist (13:17 16/9/2014)
  glavallin (14:57 30/9/2014)
Jon Robinson Message #123339, posted by castlevarich at 12:38, 12/9/2014
Posts: 55
One feature I would really like to see implemented in the next release of NetSurf, is the ability to cut and paste between NetSurf and Zap in Unicode mode.

At the moment, it will let you do it, but the characters are just converted into a row of question marks, not displayed in Unicode format.

Congratulations to the development team.

Jon Robinson, Leeds
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Michael Drake Message #123340, posted by tlsa at 20:58, 12/9/2014, in reply to message #123339

Posts: 1096
NetSurf already supports it, and I believe Zap does too.

When you copy text in NetSurf to the clipboard it gets converted to the RISC OS system alphabet. You can change the system alphabet to UTF-8 with:

*Alphabet UTF8

Then your characters wonít be converted to question marks and the Unicode values will be preserved. Also, if you then paste from another application into a NetSurf textarea, incoming text will be treated as UTF-8.

However, donít expect (m)any other applications to support non-latin alphabets. Even the WIMP menu text fails to handle non-latin alphabets correctly. After trying RISC OS with the UTF-8 system alphabet youíll probably want to go back to what you were using before. For example:

*Alphabet Latin1

Use *Alphabet to get the alphabet name of the current alphabet.
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Jon Robinson Message #123341, posted by castlevarich at 12:48, 16/9/2014, in reply to message #123340
Posts: 55
Dear Michael

Thanks for replying to me.

Unfortunately, I can't get this to work for me because I'm using a hybrid system.

It's a RIscPC running RISC OS 4.39, but with the FontManager and ROMFonts modules from RISC OS 5.

This works well enough, for getting Unicode to display in NetSurf, but not to be able to change alphabets from the command line.

If I type

Alphabet UTF8

I get the response - Unknown alphabet

and if I type Alphabets, I get

Latin 1 to 6, Latin 9, Welsh, Greek, Hebrew and Cyrillic,

but NOT UTF8.

It looks like the part of RISC OS 4.39, that provides the Alphabet command does not interface properly with the newer FontManager and ROMFonts.

Does anybody know how to get 4.39 to recognise that UTF8 is actually available ???

Jon Robinson, Leeds
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Rob Kendrick Message #123342, posted by nunfetishist at 13:17, 16/9/2014, in reply to message #123341
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 519
Does anybody know how to get 4.39 to recognise that UTF8 is actually available ???
I believe ROL said something along the lines that nobody needed Unicode.

I think the solution is to upgrade your OS to ROOL's offering.
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Geoff Lavallin Message #123367, posted by glavallin at 14:57, 30/9/2014, in reply to message #123339
Posts: 44
glad its OK for PI but it crashes on my iyonix(5.16)
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The Icon Bar: News and features: You wait ages for ONE browser update for your Raspberry Pi..