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The Icon Bar: News and features: 50,000 shares, Iyonix Select and a Belated Happy Birthday

50,000 shares, Iyonix Select and a Belated Happy Birthday

Posted by Andrew Duffell on 18:00, 3/2/2006 | , , , , , , , , ,
ROL LogoRISCOS Ltd have been in touch detailing their achievements over the 8 years they have been trading, and have announced that a 50,000 ordinary share issue will take place soon.

In summary:

  • 6400 copies of RISC OS 4.02 sold with upgrade copies alone generating 370,000 (exc VAT) sales over the last 6 years.
  • Over 1900 copies of RISC OS 4 supplied in new computers from Castle Technology, MicroDigital, RiscStation and Advantage 6.
  • RISC OS 4.39 recently sold its 500th copy.
  • Sales of Virtual Acorn add "several thousand more copies to the total number of current RISC OS users"
Paul Middleton, MD of RISCOS Ltd also told us that "the personalised special offer for RISC OS 3.X and RISC OS 4.0X users who want to upgrade to RISC OS 4.39 is still available" although "It is NOT suitable for MicroDigital Mico users as those computers do not have the required ROM sockets."

At the 2004 RISCOS Ltd AGM it was agreed to issue 50,000 ordinary shares. ROL will be shortly issuing these, and ask anyone who is interested in investing to contact them. (details in the Press Release) Previously, ROL shares have been sold for around 1.25 each with 50 new investors allowed each year, so this share issue has the potential to raise more than 50,000.

Money raised from the share issue will be "used to fund further development of RISC OS 4 beyond the limits of the cashflow generated by sales of RISC OS "Select" subscriptions and RISC OS "Adjust" ROMs. It will also be used to fund the development and acquisition of complimentary technologies for RISC OS."

Paul Middleton also detailed that "The full launch of the A9 computer, and then Select 4, are currently targetted for around May this year", perhaps at the Wakefield show, "and once completed attention can be focussed on the Iyonix". However, despite meeting the 100 user pledge target for Iyonix Select Paul said that "the current level of pledges is insufficient to cover the full amount of work needed. It is likely therefore that the first stage will be a limited release of features to users who have continued with their Select subscriptions and who pay a supplement."

Press Release


  50,000 shares, Iyonix Select and a Belated Happy Birthday
  ad (18:37 3/2/2006)
  jms (22:35 4/2/2006)
    nunfetishist (22:53 4/2/2006)
      flibble (00:18 5/2/2006)
        Chris (12:02 7/2/2006)
Andrew Duffell Message #94108, posted by ad at 18:37, 3/2/2006

Posts: 3261
So they're running out of money?
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James Sargent Message #94109, posted by jms at 22:35, 4/2/2006, in reply to message #94108
Posts: 2
So they're running out of money?

What makes you think that?

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Rob Kendrick Message #94110, posted by nunfetishist at 22:53, 4/2/2006, in reply to message #94109
Today's phish is trout a la creme.

Posts: 520
jms: Why else to companies issue shares?

Anybody taken a peek at ROL's and CTL's accounts recently from companies' house recently? Hilarious reading.

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Peter Howkins Message #94111, posted by flibble at 00:18, 5/2/2006, in reply to message #94110

Posts: 890
50,000 shares = Paul Middletons salary for 2 years.
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Chris Message #94112, posted by Chris at 12:02, 7/2/2006, in reply to message #94111
Posts: 283
May be misremembering, but didn't Acorn run a rights issue shortly before imploding?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: 50,000 shares, Iyonix Select and a Belated Happy Birthday