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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 2 reviewed

Archive 2021 Issue 2 reviewed

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:17, 1/3/2021 |
The next 56 page edition of Archive is now out (and hopefully with you or in transit). This is Gavin Smith's second outing as editor and he shares some of his learning experiences in the editorial and the magazine. Paper weight is everything...

The magazine kicks off with 6 pages of News (all bang up to date) and there is also an in-depth review of the Raspberry Pi 400 (spoiler Andy Marks loves the machine but would like a bit more action in his keyboard). Hints and tips are spread through the magazine and there is a new letters section. There is also a Yellow Pages section with some short listings to type in.
The heart of Archive has always been the user articles and it is really nice to see regulars and new faces. Gavin has a short article inviting you to write an article for Archive if you are interested.
There are several articles running as a series. Chris Johns continues to update us on his quest to bring the latest Python to RISC OS. Nicholas Cutler gets into more depth on the ARM chip and its architecture. There is a new series on RISC OS sound from Jim Lesurf. Rob Sprowson has another code Burp. He also starts a 2 part series on Using Prophet - part 2 will feature user anecdotes and tips. In my Mac Matters column, I show you how to 'upgrade' your Mac by installing RPCEmu.
Gavin Wraith takes apart a GEDCOM file with some nifty scripting in Lua and Bernard Boase explains how to setup Key remapping (especially useful on a laptop for me). Chris Hall writes a sophisticated Map drawing program to plot a railway line. Richard Darby explains how to Network Pluto. Gavin Smith also adds a nice summary of RISC OS mail clients. Colin Piggot explores retro gaming.
At the end there is a teaser for the next edition and lots of useful links. There are even some RISC OS ads as well...
It is really exciting to see Archive appearing more regularly and I really enjoyed reading the edition. Onwards and upwards!
Archive Website
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Archive 2021 Issue 2 reviewed