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The Icon Bar: News and features: TextEase 6.00 released

TextEase 6.00 released

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:10, 25/7/2023 |
Two years after the last update (5.99) Elesar have released 6.00

This is a free update to existing customers or you can purchase a new licence from Elesar. If you have not tried TextEase before it is a very easy to use suite of programs. You may like to revisit our original review.
Version 6.00 adds a huger number of tweaks and improvements. my personal 2 favourites are the much improved PNG importing and support for wireless clickers. Here is the full list from the change log:-
  • Added support for wireless clickers to advance the slides during a presentation, the standard keys from Microsoft PowerPoint are used making it highly compatible with most clickers
  • Added a simulated red laser pointer mode (accessed from the menu during a presentation) to gesture at items while presenting
  • Added an option to the page management dialogue to allow all pages from this point forward to be deleted rather than having to do them one at a time
  • Added the ability to link to an HTML document, where the link begins with http or https it will launch the URL when clicked, or embed the URL when the page is itself exported as HTML
  • Added an option to display "safe area" markers on TeShow slides in design mode so it is possible to avoid the corners of the page which would not be visible if displayed at a different aspect ratio
  • Running a presentation in a screen mode which differs from the one the slides were designed in now puts the slide horizontally centred on the screen
  • Added support for Portable Network Graphic (PNG) bitmap graphics,which can be imported directly to the page using drag and drop, and when saved as Draw they will be converted to an equivalent Sprite, or when saved as HTML will be referenced directly in their original form
  • Export as HTML from TeShow was missing the previous and next button graphics; they are now embedded in the HTML
  • Extends the cell text effects to include control over the cell borders with individual control over each of the 4 sides, also to make space for those controls the 'show cell headings' button has been moved to the graphics effects dialogue for the table as a whole
  • Fix for export as HTML not setting the filetype correctly on a network share (where filetypes are added with ,faf style suffixes)
  • Improvement to HTML export when the document uses standard Acorn fonts, these are mapped to common web fonts such as Arial, and the reverse mapping is performed when importing from HTML
  • When in storyboard mode (rather than design mode) of TeShow and a timed show is being set up, the slide running time is now displayed above its thumbnail
  • Export of a presentation from TeShow as HTML no longer uses obsolete frames and Javascript which are generally blocked on modern browsers due to security concerns, the output uses CSS to achieve the same effect
  • Minor fix to icon bar interactive help sometimes getting stuck on the text for the last icon on the main view
  • For for drag save of text from StrongED giving a 'filetype not known' error
  • Bug fix when deleting the slide you're currently editing if, when a new slide is added, you delete the default bullet text using the backspace or delete key (this would instead delete the whole slide)
  • In the options dialogue the 'Save' button was not correctly creating the intermediate directories inside Choices, meaning the options would not then save, and would then report an error when the pop up icon was clicked
  • Also fixed a related problem that 'Delete' didn't remove the named choices
  • Fix to command line matching of -SpecialFX switch
  • Fix for crash when saving as HTML if the '/htm' extension was deleted from the filename in the Save As box
  • Updated to use ZLib library 1.2.12
  • Improved the resolution and dropshadow for the print icon in the effects dialogue
Elesar Website
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The Icon Bar: News and features: TextEase 6.00 released