The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views Source code for 6502Em and Z80Em I have a customer who is super-keen to use 6502Em on a laptop (Pinebook). This would require either a "run in a window" mode, or running at 1920x1080 full screen. (The panel will only do one resolution) Source code for 6502Em and Z80Em I've finally got around to uploading the source for 6502Em and Z80Em PiTools 1.20 released And now 1.21 which resolves some issues with combinations of LockScreen options not working as intended. PiTools 1.20 released Perfect! PiTools 1.20 released Thanks for the write-up South-West Show 2023 Report Not being a Twitter user, (and having to spend at least some time on my stand) I nearly missed the FAST hardware from RISC OS bits - this adds four SATA ports to the CM4 I/O board. February 2023 News Summary My Qr Code generator called QrCode has been upgraded to version 2.05, for what has changed also a short YouTube video about it. South-West Show 2023 talks Glad it was useful! I came back with lots to write about over the next few weeks... South-West Show 2023 talks Thank you very much for your detailed coverage of the SW show 2023. For people like me, who are unable to attend, it is deeply appreciated. RISCOSbits new FAST systems reviewed The current page for RISC OS FAST is on our PiHard website at