The Icon Bar Message Updates Technology news and views IrisRam speeds up Iris Richard, you may be right on 1) [I am an old fart for sure!] but I'm not sure how package management solves the issue of (potentially) incompatible alpha/beta libraries and font system / cache. IrisRam speeds up Iris It's a bit mad that this sort of thing exists. It seems to me that there are two real problems... IrisRam speeds up Iris Not really - I was going to add Memfs support to IrisRAM but I didn't have a copy to hand, and IIRC Memfs allows you to save ram disc contents anyway, which would achieve the same thing. IrisRam speeds up Iris I'm currently running Iris from Memphis, where it lives permanently. Would IrisRAM benefit me? IrisRam speeds up Iris Or it could be in beta and using local copies of resources (eg. fonts/cache) so as not to pollute working systems with cutting edge alpha/betas which could then be difficult for users to diagnose/remove. Just sayin' IrisRam speeds up Iris If copying the app to a RAM disc speeds its day-to-day running rather than just its start up, that suggests it's writing data to its application directory: very bad practice! Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon Fixed and many thanks for organising a great meeting. Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon Thanks for the excellent write up Mark. And good to see you again Stewart after far too long a gap! Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon It looks remarkably playable, for being 80x96 resolution! It makes the original look positively high resolution. Rougol November talk - Mark Moxon Thanks for the detailed report, Mark. It almost feels as if I was there!