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The Icon Bar: News and features: Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400

Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400

Posted by Mark Stephens on 06:48, 23/8/2022 |
I was lucky enough to win a Raspberry Pi 400 in the raffle at the Wakefield Show. So I thought we could unbox it together and see what it is like....

My machine has its own special cover (it was from RISC OS Open)

Inside which we find standard box listing the impressive machine spec

Side by side

Opening the box reveals a keyboard

which provides a case for the machine 

and easy access to all the ports and connections. Nice to have the SD card so accessible for quick switch to another OS.

Impressive weight for a solid piece of kit

And already ready to go when we plug it in.

What are your experiences of the Raspberry Pi machines?
  Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400
  Philip52 (09:45 24/8/2022)
  gazza_fp (04:04 3/9/2022)
    markee174 (08:39 3/9/2022)
      gazza_fp (06:36 8/9/2022)
Philip Green Message #125321, posted by Philip52 at 09:45, 24/8/2022
Posts: 8
Thank you for sharing.
It is indeed a nice piece of kit.
Congratulations on winning it.
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Gary Hughes Message #125327, posted by gazza_fp at 04:04, 3/9/2022, in reply to message #125321
Posts: 25
Using a Crow Pi L. The first RISC OS laptop I've had since the A4 big smile Still need to use a mouse as the inbuilt touchpad is not the best (and of course a cable connection to the internet - hopefully wifi support is on the way for RISC OS).
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Mark Stephens Message #125328, posted by markee174 at 08:39, 3/9/2022, in reply to message #125327
Does all the
work around here

Posts: 109
Sounds awesome! Would you like to write a brief review on your experiences to share?
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Gary Hughes Message #125332, posted by gazza_fp at 06:36, 8/9/2022, in reply to message #125328
Posts: 25
Can do. What format is preferable?
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The Icon Bar: News and features: Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400