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The Icon Bar: News and features: WROCC April 2023 meeting - Chris Hall talks FAST

WROCC April 2023 meeting - Chris Hall talks FAST

Posted by Mark Stephens on 07:47, 6/4/2023 |
Wakefield's April talk was on Zoom. Chris Hall was talking about FAST and improvements to RISC OS performance hardware since 2012.

Speed has increased with newer PI machines, PineBook (and Pro), Compute Module 4 and drivers for NVMe.
Performance is also impacted by Screen resolution, acceleration for graphics or hardware. Chris had plotted this on a graph.

Titanium, CM4 and Pinebook Pro clear winners of performance but other factors like portability, screen size, machine size, etc.
CM4 module is currently sold out if you want to buy it standalone unless you are prepared to pay a premium on eBay.
CM4 deletes USB3 and adds PCIe support. RISC OS needs PCOe to be populated to run on RISC OS. Various PCIe boards offering NVMe, USB3 or SATA (no NVMe support yet for RISC OS).
FAST stands for 'Fast ADFS Storage Technology'. It is RISCOSbits CM4-based machine with SATA-aware ROM. Chris has one and also built his own case for his machine. There is also a lite version with SD card.
  • Marginally faster than Titanium (sometimes more) and greater screen resolution. Cheaper.
  • Much faster than ARMX6.
  • Bigger than Pi 4
  • Lots of bundled software
    Overall Chris was very impressed with FAST as a RISC OS platform. He has published some notes on his website
    RISCOSbits website
    As usual, there was also the usual general conversation on many topics, including the Wakefield Show in less than 3 weeks!
    Details on all meetings (and email address to ask for a Zoom link) can be found on the WROCC website
      WROCC April 2023 meeting - Chris Hall talks FAST
      riscosbits (15:53 6/4/2023)
      markee174 (16:14 6/4/2023)
    RISCOS Bits Message #125408, posted by riscosbits at 15:53, 6/4/2023
    Posts: 25
    A couple of very minor corrections.

    FAST stands for Fast Access to Storage Technology

    I think when Chris was talking about a Lite version with SD card, he was referring to the Compute Module 4, not the FAST systems. There is a Lite version of the FAST machines that is available at shows, but all of the FAST systems have SD cards. It's currently much easier than using eMMC.

    Maybe we should have avoided use of the word Lite, to avoid confusion! smile
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    Mark Stephens Message #125409, posted by markee174 at 16:14, 6/4/2023, in reply to message #125408
    Does all the
    work around here

    Posts: 118
    Many thanks for clarifications. All errors and omissions are always mine.

    I think we all agreed they were fast!
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    The Icon Bar: News and features: WROCC April 2023 meeting - Chris Hall talks FAST